Paleo Muddy Buddies Snack Mix

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by Molly Eledge

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So, I have a huge obsession with cereal. If I am going to have a cheat meal (or cheat day), cereal is very, very high on my list of things to eat. Have you ever had the Honey Graham Oh’s cereal? That stuff is off the charts. I am pretty sure each individual piece of cereal has been kissed by angels and sprinkled with unicorn dust. I have polished off an entire box in 24 hours on more than one occasion…but I digress. The original Muddy Buddies recipe is a dangerous one to have around me. Cereal + chocolate + peanut butter + powdered sugar = my kryptonite.

So obviously, it was time to paleo-ize this business. First thing was to nix the cereal. Sorry Chex, but you had to go [wave goodbye]. I used pecans in place of the cereal, but you could use whatever nut that suits your fancy. If you are ultra low carb, I have also tried a recipe using fried pork skins (I know it sounds freaky, I KNOW) that turns out pretty dang good.

Instead of peanut butter, I brought in some creamy almond butter by Barney Butter. If you are cool with using legit PB, go right ahead and use that. I won’t judge you.

Dark chocolate chips are melted in with your almond butter (or peanut butter) and that will be the yummy coating on your nuts.

And finally…had to ditch the powdered sugar. Nothing good comes from that stuff except spiked insulin levels and love handles. And neither of those are good. SO, I replaced that sugar with vanilla protein powder. Who doesn’t love a little extra protein in their snack?

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