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Are you ready to lose up to 10 pounds in the next 30 days without being hungry between meals, having to guess what to eat, or losing your energy mid-day?


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Macro and Meal Timing Calculator

Here is what you get:

  • Meal timing based on your wake-up and work out times
  • Macro breakdown based on your current weight and body fat percentage
  • Hydration needs
  • Foods you should start eating today


5/15 Recovery (Our Best Recovery Drink)

  • 5 main ingredients you can buy on Amazon
  • Taken within 15 minutes of your workout
  • Developed by Amanda, a registered dietitian and former CrossFit gym owner
  • No sketchy or unnecessary ingredients
  • Just what you need. Nothing more. 

Success Stories from Our Clients


“I learned how to think about what I'm eating and I gained valuable tools to fashion MY best diet. This is much more useful than just following someone's diet routine. Eating well requires discipline and effort but that should result in being able to make the best decisions for yourself. This program does that, and is interesting and informative all along the way.”

- Frank S.

"Amanda's expertise and guidance has allowed me to lose significant weight and body fat to meet my goals for increased strength, improved energy, and better recovery times. Amanda's help has me in the best shape of my life."

- Philmer L.

"Nutrition WOD has me looking at macros in a whole different way. I am the most confident I have felt about myself in MANY years!!"

- Debra B.

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