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In this blog, you will learn:

  • The secret to losing body fat while doing WODs
  • The 3 steps you need to take today to start hitting your goals
  • How to use mirrors for better feedback on your results

Chances are you have seen a friend or two post a picture like the one above to Facebook or Instagram. The lighting and angles are just right and your friend looks great.

Maybe too great.

Mirrors and pictures sometimes lie or at least fudge a bit. In fact, most gyms don't have mirrors for this very reason.  Careful attention to your body, your balance, and the great proprioceptive feedback loops from your brain trump the mirror any day. 

Do we think mirrors and pictures are bad?

Of course not! 

In fact, one of the first things we tell new athletes to do is take pictures of themselves from the front and the side before starting a new nutrition or fitness program.


Because all things being equal such as lighting and angle, before and after pictures show progress and serve as their own reward. 

Here's the thing: There is absolutely nothing wrong with being vain when it comes to your goals.

Vain simply means you have a high opinion of your appearance, ability, or worth, and why shouldn't you?

You work hard in the gym, you consistently show up and do the work, and you want the mirror to reflect that hard work. 

Here are a few things we believe:

  • Wanting to look as fit and strong as you feel is perfectly acceptable. 
  • Looking good in your bathing suit and not feeling insecure is a great fitness goal.
  • Your friends should want to ask you what you are doing because you look so great.
  • You should feel as great in ALL of your clothes as you do in your favorite clothes.
  • You shouldn't have to choose between being lean and strong when you can be both. 

Ready find out your best macro counts and when you should be eating your meals?

Try our free calculator

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Ready find out your best macro counts and when you should be eating your meals?
Try our free calculator

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So What's the Secret to Losing Body Fat?

When we created our training video program that is included with our Macros-Based Complete Nutrition Plan, we developed our all encompassing nutrition prescription:

Consume a variety of real food as needed

Although simple, these 8 words tell you everything you need to know to start looking as fit and strong as you feel. Your time and effort in the gym will only take you so far. Special pre- and post workout supplements aren't meant for everyone. 

The secret has nothing to do with your physical efforts inside the box, and everything to do with what you do the other 23 hours of your day. The secret to losing body fat AND feeling strong is actually pretty simple:

Step 1: Eat real foods instead of processed foods.

There is no single piece of nutrition advice we could give you as important as this one.

Literally, nothing matters as much as changing your diet to include more real foods. 

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Step 2: Introduce variety to your plate.

Although eating real foods will take you far, eating the same ones leads to boredom if you don't learn to diversify early and often.

And we're not just talking about changing up your chicken for beef or walnuts for almonds.  

Variety includes mixing up tastes, textures, colors, aromas, and all the things that make food appetizing.  The idea is creativity.

Start today.  

How many different colors of fruit and vegetables did you eat today?  How many more can you add tomorrow?  This not only works for adults, but kids love the challenge too. It makes eating real food into a game. 

Step 3: Once you are eating a variety of real foods, turn your focus on listening to your body's hunger and satiety cues.

When do you get hungry?

When do you feel full?

Are you actively listening to your body and responding with quality nutrition?

Chances are, like most of us, you stopped listening to your body a long time ago regarding food, especially if processed and fast foods are a regular part of your life. Have you ever noticed how overly full fast food makes you feel followed by ravenous hunger a mere 2 hours later?  

I've been there.  

That's the processed food overriding your brain.  Once you transition to a variety of real foods, we promise your brain will work better and tell you everything you need to know to consume food as needed.  And once you know how to eat when you need to, your body will respond exactly how you want it to. 

To learn more about our prescription, check out our blog "3 Steps to get Performance Results Now"

Is nutrition really the answer to improving performance?


If you implement our prescription today, you could see results in the mirror in as little as two weeks. Seriously.  

The best part?  

This is not a diet.  

We actually hate the word diet and the negative associations people have with that word.  We prefer to think of our prescription to "consume a variety of real food as needed" as the beginning of your personal nutrition journey, and that journey has just started.  

Remember, there is nothing wrong with before and after pictures. They are better tools to assess progress than the scale or counting calories.

Why not put our plan in place for the next week and never have to worry about lighting or angles again?   You've put in the time in the gym and you deserve to look the part.  

When you look good in all of your clothes, every picture will tell your story of being lean and strong. 


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Ready to get lean without sacrificing your strength?

Whether you have hit a plateau with your training or simply want to look and feel amazing all day, Nutrition WOD can help.