If you are looking for help taking these great recipes and making them into meal plans that work towards your goals, the first step is to figure out what your macros should be and the best times to eat each meal based on your workout time. 

Lucky for you, we have a free calculator that does just that.  Eating healthy recipes is the first step, but to truly optimize your workouts and get the results you crave, ditch the diets and start paying more attention to the quality of your calories and how balanced your carbs, protein and fat are at each meal. 


  • 1 Delicata squash of any size

  • Coconut oil spray

  • Sea salt



  1. Wash squash and dry

  2. Slice into rings using a mandolin or a large, sharp knife

  3. Remove seeds from squash

  4. Place rings in a single layer on a Silpat-lined cookie sheet

  5. Spray rings with coconut oil and sprinkle with salt

  6. Broil on low until golden brown freckles appear

  7. Flip over and let cook until golden brown freckles appear

  8. Remove, slather with butter (if desired)

  9. Serve immediately


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