You need accountability. I provide it daily for 30 days.
You get results faster.

Complete Nutrition Package + Personal Coaching is the push you need for ultimate gains in and out of the box.

Daily Accountability

No more excuses.  Go from simply knowing what to do to actually doing it.  Daily accountability is the cornerstone of this program and the reason you will succeed regardless of what life throws at you.

Personalized Service

No more fighting with a nutrition plan that doesn’t match the realities of your life.  I get to know you through daily communication and custom fit your plan to your life so that it’s easy to follow.  We work through the tough stuff together.

Real Results

Results you can see and feel.  I’m with you every day, watching what you eat, and holding you accountable.  You have no choice but to stay consistent with your plan.  When you do, you’ll get results that far exceed your expectations.

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           Amanda - Head Dietitian and YOUR coach

Is the Complete Nutrition + Personal Coaching for me?

Yes.   Yes.   Yes.   CrossFit newbie or competitive athlete.  Nutrition novice or nutrition expert.  Everyone, including you, can benefit from an experienced eye and an accountability coach helping you use nutrition today to be better you were yesterday.  

This 30 day program is definitely for you if:

  • You struggle with consistency in following your nutrition plan

  • You want a nutrition coach to tell you exactly what to do and make sure you do it

  • You want to develop better skills to use macros and nutrition to improve the results of your training

  • You want a plan you can actually live with

  • You want an honest evaluation of what you are currently doing and how to do better

  • You are motivated to make a change and not afraid to do some work to make that happen

  • You are so close to finding that sweet spot and have a few bad habits holding you back or just need a few tweaks to your plan, but don’t know where

Basically, if you are willing to commit 30 days of your time to engage in the program, you will benefit greatly. 

What Makes This 30-Day Intensive Different

Accountability: Most nutrition programs tell you what to do and wish you luck.  If they add accountability, they may touch base with you once a week at best.  Helpful, but not an effective way to achieve consistency during the six other days of the week.  I want you to succeed and I am committed to be in your face, holding your hand (so to speak) at least once a day for the entire month to make sure you hit your goals.  Your excuses end today.

Expertise: You can get nutrition advice from anywhere.  How do you know you can trust the advice you get?  How do you know that advice will actually work for you?  I am not only a Registered Dietitian but am also a coach who has worked with functional athletes for the past six years.  I know what it takes to use nutrition as a tool to get optimal gains in and out of the box.

Personalization:  Although you get a meal timing schedule and macro breakdown right from the start, I know your life is not static.  I walk you through step by step how to custom fit your nutrition plan to your life whatever life throws at you.  I make sure you can eat with your family, eat away from home as easily as at home, support more than one workout a day, and can help you trial more advanced eating techniques like Intermittent Fasting or Carb Cycling.  This month is devoted to finding out what works best for YOU!

Wholistic:  I go beyond food and nutrition and help you with activity, sleep, and stress management too.  If you’re willing to track it, I’m willing to help you with it.  After all, if you don’t have all four aspects of your health in check: nutrition, sleep, activity, and stress, you’ll fall short of your goals.  No other program considers all four areas of your health and performance.

Athlete Centric: I know what it takes to succeed in the box and in life.  I have the rope burns, whip marks, sweat angels, and shin scabs just like you.  I speak the language.  I know macros, Paleo, Zone, Keto, Carb Cycling and all the other nutrition plans you’ve heard of in the box and are trying to navigate through.  I also know that one size doesn’t fit all and that even the best diet in theory may not be the best for you.  Best of all, we know the importance of good coaching, tracking progress, and solid nutrition.  You are in good hands.

Ready to supercharge your life?

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How It Works

Step 1

Complete A Questionnaire

No more slow starts.  You’ll be ready to go on day one.  Your answers help me set your goals, custom-fit your tracker, and determine your preferred coaching style well before 3, 2, 1, GO!

Step 2

Download Your Tracker

No tech savvy required here.  If you can download an app, you’re good to go.  Your tracker is your one stop shop for tracking your progress and communicating with me.

Step 3

Enter Data Daily

No more wasting time with multiple trackers.  Entering data is as simple as clicking on a button, taking a picture of a meal, or syncing with an app you’re already using to track your nutrition, activity, or sleep

Step 4

Receive Daily Feedback

No more guessing if you’re on track.  I contact you daily with feedback, encouragement, and my recommendations so you always know what to do next and continue to make progress.

Recent Testimonals

I loved my 30 day intensive. It has me looking at macros in a whole different way. I probably didn't have a true understanding before, but the education with this program has really helped me figure things out. The guidance and coaching is great.  I think it truly helps with accountability (which is HUGE).

Debra B

My 30 days with Amanda has been EXTREMLY beneficial for me personally as a runner and box junky.  We all want to fuel our bodies properly but there are so many different ways (macros, paleo, no carbs, no fats ect) that it is hard to choose what is best. Having Amanda’s support and guidance on ways to hit my goals and food substitutions has been very helpful.   Also having her there increased my accountability to making the best choices for me! I think about what goes in my body now whereas before I would just grab healthy options quickly that weren't balanced!

Kristin S

Whether you are just starting out or have been tracking your nutrition for some time, you will get the help you need during the 30 days with Amanda.  I have been tracking my nutrition for some time and just needed refinement to my program.  Amanda helped me with that.  My favorite part of the program was the flexibility of being able to choose what I want to track, not just what my coach told me I needed to.

Irina P

The other accountability plans some of my gym members use only require weight check in.  I like that my coach can see what I’m eating including the macro breakdown.  This is a huge benefit.  The app works with apple watch, so I never missed a message from my coach. Also, communication is all in one place, so I didn’t have have to go searching through my email inbox for emails. Setup was easy, flexibility was a plus, and the accountability was something big missing from my current plan.

Dena D

When I first got the Complete Nutrition Package, I was having a difficult time being consistent with my recommendations.  I hoped adding the personal coaching would give me the push I needed to be consistent and follow the plan.  I’ve been doing wods for 9 months and just knew that nutrition was my final piece.  This program gave me the push I needed and definitely got me moving in the right direction with my nutrition.  The continued coaching is what made the difference for me.

Tom W.

When I started the 30 days with Amanda, I was looking for a better understanding of nutrition and how to use it as a fitness tool.  As a competitive athlete, my main goal was to be consistent with hitting my macro targets.  I found Amanda’s coaching really helpful and the program definitely held me accountable and kept me consistent.

Jacob B.