Our Story

The Beginning of Something Bigger

From humble beginnings in a 900 sq ft CrossFit gym to our eventual 5000 sq ft upgrade, Nutrition WOD grew out of necessity as we recognized many CrossFit athletes were missing the key aspects of quality nutrition.

Despite solid programming, tough WODs, and all out effort, some athletes were feeling frustrated that their hard work in the box wasn't showing up when they looked in the mirror. Without putting a name to it, our athletes were essentially asking us to help them look as strong as they felt doing CrossFit. 


The Problem

Amanda Maucere RDN was co-owner of the gym and began coaching athletes one-on-one to help them create their own personalized nutrition lifestyle. Although no two plans were the same at the end, the nutrition advice at the start of the journey was always the same. This lead her to develop a prescription that we still use today at Nutrition WOD.

"Consume a variety of real foods as needed"

In those early days, Amanda would sit down with each athlete and teach them not only what to eat, but also when and how much to eat.  Most importantly, she taught athletes how to prioritize their nutrition journey. As the gym grew, so did the demand for Amanda's nutrition guidance and expertise. At the same time, it became clear that CrossFitters all over the world were dealing with the same issues. They have drive and determination to succeed, but with nutrition as the foundation of CrossFit, most athletes' WODs were sitting on shaky ground. We knew the time had come to think bigger. 

The Solution: Nutrition WOD University

Amanda and Brian knew they would never reach the amount of athletes who needed their help if they continued to run a gym full time. Amanda also knew she could not provide nutrition coaching to a larger audience solely on an individual basis.

So, she set out to create the nutrition program she had always wished existed. 

Together, her and Brian created the first nutrition program specifically designed for CrossFit athletes from the ground up. In the same way a muscle up is coached as a series of smaller progressions, the key to effective nutrition is learning the basics of what to eat first, and progressing from there with the guidance of a good coach. 

Now any CrossFit athlete in the world, regardless of their current fitness level, can follow our proven coaching techniques and finally place a solid nutrition foundation under their fitness program. 

The Future

Our passion is mentoring people and we want to guide you through the nutrition misinformation and train you how to determine what works for you in terms of your lifestyle. Our team of devoted nutrition coaches are ready to help you finally look as great as you feel doing CrossFit. 

If you are ready to change your life, we encourage you to learn more here.

The Advantages


Ever followed a "nutrition expert" only to find out their beliefs change with the wind? Nutrition WOD's advice is backed by science and years of experience helping CrossFit athletes achieve lifelong success. Our recommendations can be trusted to get you results.


We don't just write and educate about nutrition, our team is full of CrossFitters who follow their own personalized nutrition plans. We walk the walk. You benefit from what we learned during our paths to success.


Nutrition WOD's team is lead by an accomplished dietitian and a fitness expert with over 10,000 hours experience coaching group fitness.  We have over five years experience coaching exclusively to CrossFitters.


We are CrossFitters and speak the same language as you. We apply the same progressions you know work on your movement to your nutrition.  At Nutrition WOD, we understand the unique needs and wants of our athletes because ultimately we are athletes too. 

Proven results

The concepts and action plans inside Nutrition WOD's packages have helped numerous athletes over the past few years develop their own personalized nutrition plan with amazing success. Get ready to feel great and get in the best shape of your life like the athletes before you.

Our prescription

"Consume a variety of real foods as needed"  

Not a diet; a lifestyle. Nothing will get you faster results than simply following these eight words.  Everything we discuss on this site is backed up by our prescription because it works time and again.