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Performance PLUS Package


Get 28 meals custom fit to your macros. Know exactly what to eat today for gains tomorrow. Upgrade now from the free calculator and you will see results based on your exact body weight and body fat percentage. Plus, you can adjust your results to match your goal of either gaining muscle mass or losing body fat. 

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Premium Package


Go beyond the basics of meal timing and counting macros. Use the same nutrition blueprint the prose use to look amazing and outperform everyone else. Premium is perfect for any level athlete who wants superior results that are highly optimized. Stop guessing and start knowing exactly what you should be working on next to improve your workouts and reach your goals faster.

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Elite Package


Work directly with NWOD's head dietitian in a 1-month intensive program.  Designed for athletes at any level who are serious about getting extremely personalized answers and are willing to put in the effort to get amazing results. Being Elite is a state of mind. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. Do you have what it takes? Limited availability.

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Elite Package $499  
Premium Package $99  
Performance Plus Package $19  
Macro counts based off approximate weight and body fat ranges.      
Meal timing showing you when to eat for optimal performance.      
Macro counts based off of exact weight and body fat percentage.      
Macro adjustment based on weight loss (fat loss) or weight gain (muscle) goals.      
7-Day Meal Plan tailored to your personal macros and goals.       
Your required macros for training, competition, recovery, and injury.      
Personal health and performance supplement recommendations to save you time and money.      
Custom hydration guidelines including pre-, during, and post-workout.      
Your Plate Score™ showing you how to make better food choices today.      
Progression Matrix™ to help you evaluate your training strengths and weaknesses.      
Your optimized added sugar intake for faster results.      
Personalized recommendations to manage stress and improve sleep.      
40+ training tutorials helping you make lifelong gains and get the most out of your nutrition profile.      
Three months of email support.      
Access to private Facebook community.      
Work one-on-one with the founders of Nutrition WOD (limited availability).      
Custom built meal timing guides based specifically on your daily routine.      
Custom built meal plans catered to the foods you eat.      
Daily macro and goal tracking with our custom app.      
30 days of support and feedback to optimize your nutrition plan for superior results.